Archive | July 2013

trying to find my way

I recently just came back from a church camp called student life. and it’s was an awe inspiring experience. I just asked God to open my eyes and heart as he morphs me into the person he created me to be, and in doing so I see remnants of other people throughout my life. What I mean is I see how I tried to copy/be like others and in doing so I forgot who I was. I.e I created this blog because a girl named grace told me how she blogged about books and how great it was, and I saw how everyone admired that about her and I wanted that so I made this blog in hopes if becoming a big time book blogger. of course that didn’t happen, I guess I just realized that I didn’t know what to do with my life al I thought if I followed in other peoples foot steps I might find who I’m supposed to be. turns out I didn’t find me i’m just lost. But I refuse to stay lost i’m not sure how but I refuse to be a wayward soul any longer, and that’s a fact.