trying to find my way

I recently just came back from a church camp called student life. and it’s was an awe inspiring experience. I just asked God to open my eyes and heart as he morphs me into the person he created me to be, and in doing so I see remnants of other people throughout my life. What I mean is I see how I tried to copy/be like others and in doing so I forgot who I was. I.e I created this blog because a girl named grace told me how she blogged about books and how great it was, and I saw how everyone admired that about her and I wanted that so I made this blog in hopes if becoming a big time book blogger. of course that didn’t happen, I guess I just realized that I didn’t know what to do with my life al I thought if I followed in other peoples foot steps I might find who I’m supposed to be. turns out I didn’t find me i’m just lost. But I refuse to stay lost i’m not sure how but I refuse to be a wayward soul any longer, and that’s a fact.


Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

You know that moment when you read a book and it hits. I don’t mean you finish it, and just forget about. I mean when you turn that last page and your crying your eyes out and wondering how something so amazing isn’t a new York best seller. I’ve just experienced this serendipity. I just read Eleanor and park.

Attempt at poetry

I only want my words to mean as much to you as they do to me. I try so hard to make them flow but they won’t and I do not know why.

Perks of being a wallflower

I had heard a lot about this book lately souvenirs movie is getting ready to premiere. Finally, after seeing a friend of mine reading it I asked if  could borrow it, greatest decision of my entire life. it doesn’t Matter if your retiring or Starting your first year of high school like Charlie you can relate to the fear and over thinking that happens when your a teenager. The novel is so creatively written that you’ll cry and laugh with Charlie as he begins high school as a wallflower and makes friends that will last a lifetime and finally learns about his life and who he really his. He learns that being a wallflower can have its perks.

Fixing Delilah

This book is a great read especially for teenagers who can sense a change in their relationship with their parents. Delilah struggles with the death of her grandmother who she hasn’t seen since She was eight and she doesn’t know why. Throughout the summer Delilah will find love and friendship but most of all she will find out about her family roots.

Before I fall- Lauren Oliver

Amazing. Beyond amazing. This novel makes you really think about death, not in a ma morbid way but in an questioning way….if that makes sense. Its makes you wonder if what they say is true that when you die your life flashes before your eyes, then will you will be proud of what you see? Will you be happy with the life you lived? Now I don’t mean I’m going to love the rest of my life scared that I’m going to die everyday but I do hope that when that day comes I can meet it with open arms, no regrets and that the people I’ve touched, were touched with laughter and good times not hate and bad memories. This novel is absolutely phenomenal


This book was absolutely phenomenally awesome. Its set in a world where love is outlawed. They believe all disease can he traced back to love so they make love illegal. So when people turn 18 they receive a shot that “cures” them. When Lena meets Alex her view of the world is forever changed. The walls that are supposed to protect are no just a cage she can’t escape. But there is one person she would die for and like they say love is  deadly.